Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jamies Bea " New Year Beat"

 London artist Jamies Bea sent his new track called New Year Beat.  This track is kind of unusual for someone known for underground Dub Dab station, but I love the unpolished, confused, electronic chaos this track has, is not quite Chillwave, but is just as enticing.

Shura "Touch (Delorean Remx)"

Today I received a new Delorean remix, the track is from UK artist Shura and is called Touch. Apparently this track has been receiving a lot of buzz on the internet, unfortunately I've been kind of disconnected from it all, but fortunately I re-connected before I missed this jewel.

Delorean does not put out a lot of tracks these days, but when they do they really hit it out of the park. After listening to the original track, it reminds me of the days in which remixes used to actually provide value to the music. Delorean does not alter the essence of the song but enhances it, mildly pump up the beats and re-imagines it into a masterpiece.  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Luke Christopher " Rhyme Like Me"

LA Rapper and producer Luke Christopher just release an old school self produced track called, Rhyme Like Me. This track as mentioned before is an old school rap track, that brings back the old Wu-tang feel to the light, it is very well written, it flows like butter, and it's quite contagious, even for a person like me who dislikes almost all Hip Hop. Every Tuesday Christopher has bee putting out a new track under the hash tag
#TMRWGANGTUESDAYS, so stay tuned for more.

Luke Christopher - Rhyme Like Me

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Cape Lion " Called You Mine"

Swedish pop duo Cape Lion have just release a brand new video for their track Called You Mine,  the track a dream pop synth, is one of the strongest track this duo has put out thous far.The video is enigmatic which matches the track to a tee.

Starwalkers - "Losers Can Win"

                  Starwalker is duo project made up of Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Bardi Johannsson. Drawing inspiration from serene Icelandic nature and clean, classic French designs, Starwalker introduces "Losers Can Win", an EP that was released on March 18th via Prototyp Recording & Bang ehf. 
                  The music is unmistakably dreamy and calming with a much appreciated steady beat in the background and beautifully inhuman vocals. "Losers Can Win" all in all is a lovely tune to close your eyes to. 

Splendidid "Fruit Salad"

Australian artist Splendidid have just released his debut EP called Finx available for download on his Bandcamp page.  Finx is the perfect Ep for those Lo-fi/ Dream Pop lovers that love a good memorable track. 

Owen Tromans " Golden Margins"

Owen Tromans has just released the video for the amazing track "Golden Margins" . The track is part of the LP called also Golden Margins, which will be released on May 5th. The album is indie folk, and this is not written lightly, the album is a folk tale after another, all beautifully written, all beautifully produced.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Pepa Knight "Rahh"

Australian band Pepa Knight released their track Rahh yesterday. This track is from the collection of tracks co-front man Jinja Safari wrote during his visit to India. Although the songs where almost lost via human error, he was able to re-record them; it's a good thing too,  because it would have been a shame for the world o be deprived of such beautiful dram pop.

Vedas " Mis Rajh"

DC band VEDAS have just released a new track called, Mis Rajh. This track will be part of their EP Exhume, which will be out on April 15th. This duo hailing form utilize an angelic yet ominous sound to emote feelings on their listener, which can be a double edge sword, but in their case it works beautifully.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Firestations " Forgetful Man"

Firestations is a London band that just released a new track called Forgetful Man. The track is a Psychedelic Pop wonder, with lazy chords and soft harmonies picked up by pop beats. This is the band second EP available at their own label Waltz Time Records

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Say Lou Lou "Everything We Touch"

Swedish/Australian band Say Lou Lou just released a brand new single titled, Everything We Touch. As gorgeous as this girls are, I haven't been able to truly warm to them, but this track really hits the spot, on both catchy and not completely forgettable track, which they do ever so often.

StaG " I Think I'll Shout"

California band StaG have just released their second album Difference, which can be now purchased on StaG's Bandcamp website for a name your price amount. Currently the band is at SXSW festival doing some official showcases, but for those of us who opted to pass it this year, here is an amazing remix of their single " I think I'll Shout" by Brothertiger.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Waylayers "Medicine"

UK band Waylayers are getting ready to cross the pond to play at SXSW, however before they set off they've released a superb track called " Medicine". I was listening to this track early morning, and it raised the hair in the back of my neck; the subdued sexy bass, they synthesizers, the very well placed, very subtle tropical beats, oh and please don't forget the Sax solo...why did we ever stop having that, all in all, makes this track what I've been wanting to hear for months. This is one band I will not be missing next week in Austin.

T O U R   D A T E S 
11 Mar - SXSW Festival, Austin - Texas - UNITED STATES
11 Apr - Karrera Klub - Berlin - GERMANY
12 Apr - Ubel & Gefahrlich - Hamburg - GERMANY
15 Apr - Posten - Odense - DENMARK
16 Apr - Loppen - Copenhagen - DENMARK

Monday, March 03, 2014

French Horn Rebellion "Swing Into It (Feat. Hearts)"

There is really only one thing better than a new French Horn Rebellion track, that is a French Horn Rebellion track featuring some amazing artist. French Horn tend tho make the best of collaborations,  that is why I feel so excited to the free track French Horn put out on Saturday; Hearts is a great band by themselves, but French Horns takes them to a brand new level on the track "Swing Into it".

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MØ " Say You Will Be There"

The following track by MO will make you remember the good ol' days and also feel ashamed for thinking that way. Mo will be releasing their debut album No Mythologies  on March 11. Before having the courage of posting this track, I had to ask the advise from many music lovers, and they all had the same visceral reaction before realizing the jewel this re-make makes.
-Say You Will Be There

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday's Track

I keep meaning to post plenty of tracks but due to lack of time and the amount of emails, I can never muster the time.
The fist tack is by Overlake a New Jersey band that is getting ready to release their album Sighs on April 15th.
Overlake - Disappearing

On March 3rd Seattle artist Pillar Point (Scott Reitherman) will be releasing his self titled album, and I've got the track Echo to share with my readers.

The next track is by London band Emperor Yes , who will release their EP on Monday (Feb 24th)  and I can attest that is really good.

Monday, February 17, 2014

French Horn Rebellion & Savoir Adore " Fire"

Brooklyn duo French Horn Rebellion haven't really released anything new in a few moths, but some how some really good remixes have been released of their collaboration with Savoir Adore, and they are good enough to caught my attention.
French Horn Rebellion & Savoir Adore - Fire (Rubber Ross Remix)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Y.O.U " Heavy Crown"

Manchester artist Y.O.U. (You Own Universe) just released a brand new single titled " Heavy Crown".This single is being released through record label Tiger Sushi, and is remixed by Jeremy Greenspan form Junior Boys, and is a perfect soundtrack for a easy going Friday.
Purchase links:
Phonica Records

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Non-Market Compilation 1

Non•Market is an East Bay (California) music collective. Non•Market is a collaboration of friend bands building up community & each other's bands through joint releases, joint shows, basement jams & other future experiments. Part of  this compilation is my all time favorite band Trails & Ways, who joined forces with bands like Astronauts Etc., and Waterstrider to name a few. The EP can be purchased in their Bandcamp page for a name your price donation.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Moon Bounce "Shake"

Philadelphia producer Moon Bounce is getting ready to release his EP Dress Rehearsal on February 25th. To give us a taste of the EP I received his track Shake, a combination of electronic music with some cool R&B beats, which makes it extra tasty.