Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Danny Ross "One Way"

Danny Ross is an New York artist who has been working on his album "One Way" for quite a while. After he finished fundraising for the now president Obama he's dedicated every entire moment to finish hi masterpiece, which will be released in all its glory at the St. Marks Church New York, September 12 accompanied by a 15 piece band.
I was able to listen to the full album, which can ended up being a blessing and a curse. My first thoughts where "Great another folk artist", but then I continued to listen to it and I started to truly appreciate the soul of the music, then came the predicament, when artist don't sent stipulations of how many songs I'm allowed to post I normally just pick two of the best ones and post them, that usually works but as I kept on listening I kept on substituting the song I was going to post for the song that I was listening...it's that good!! So after an hour of deliberation here they are my picks (yes they ended up being 3).

Danny Ross - Sleepy Dream
Danny Ross - Forgive me Love
Danny Ross - Oh Christine

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