Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Once upon a time
in a big beautiful city
two bands met each other,
both bands had charmed millions and millions of people with their magical music
and when they saw each others powers
this amazing bands decided to decided to conjoin powers
and bring the beauty of this enchanting city to people all around.
But there was trouble lurking around the two evils of the forest Time and Money
who hated music and wanted to eradicate it form world.
Little did Time and Money know that this two bands had two fairy godmothers Wit and Talent,
with the help of this old fairies this two bands created the most beautiful music
which they recorded in an old apartment
accompanied of their new friend "$50 microphone"
and their trusty Old Computer this two magical band recorded a magical EP.
The People all around the world rejoiced
and called this enchanting bands The Rassle
and they all lived happily every after.
The Rassle - Celebrate the Days
The Young Lords - Rodeo Songs

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