Sunday, April 25, 2010

(Pretty) Girls and Lazers

(Pretty) Girls and Lasers sent me some cool stuff and info that I wanna really to you. First of their monthly party has moved form Arlo & Esme to the first Thursday of each month, on May 6th, and Kestar from Crooked Disco will be stopping by to drop a guest set, so if you leave in NYC don't miss it. Starting in June, they'll be hosting a weekly Wednesday night party at STAY in the Lower East Side which should be epic. Now to the music, they've sent over a remix of Ghostland Observatory's song "Sad Sad City" and a ten minute mix that had me grooving since the beginning, these are a small showings of what they are abut.
Ghostland Observatory - Sad Sad City ((Pretty) Girls and Lazes Remix)

(Pretty) Girls & Lasers - A Taste of Lasers 4 by prettygirlsandlasers

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