Monday, April 12, 2010

The Seedy Seeds

The Seedy Seeds are a quirky band from Cincinnati that are releasing their album "Role Deep" on the 17th of this month, their music and songwriting skills have greatly improved since their last album, but to be honest I've always enjoyed their music ether way and can't wait for you to hear this great album.

Seedy Seeds - Coyote Song

Here are some other upcoming releases worth your while:

4/17 Panda Riot - Chicago dream pop band the Album's name is Far and Near under Disc Union Label.
Panda Riot - Streetlights and you and me
4/20 Stripmall Architecture - California Indie-Pop band in collaboration of UNKLE it should be a biggie for this year.
Stripmall Architecture - Radium Girls
Stripmall Architecture - Pripyat
6/15 Fjord Rowboat - Toronto band with soaring moody sounds that create intensity on every note, this album will be released under Roxton Records.
Fjord Rowboat - Even You Out

Fjord Rowboat - Even You Out by CrashAvenue

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