Thursday, May 20, 2010

David Karsten-Danels

San Francisco based artist David Karsten-Daniels is releasing his 7th album this June 21st under the Fat Cat label. The album name is 'I Mean To Live Here Still’ which is a southern folk sound album, written brilliantly by Karsten-Daniels. In this album Karsten-Daniels is acompanied by Virginia-based 9-piece avant-jazz collective 'Fight the Big Bull' and though Kasten-Daniels is brillantly trained musician and his other albums float by themseves, this fusion brings the album to a whole new level. The first single 'Through All The Fates' will be release first in June 14th and on todays post I'm posting the song with an additional song form the single called 'The Poet's Delay'.
David Karsten-Daniels & Fight the Big Bull - Through All Fates
David Karsten-Daniels & Fight the Big Bull - The Poet's Delay

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