Thursday, July 08, 2010

Local Natives

Local Natives latest album "Gorilla Minor" has been receiving great press and with good reason.
With amazing vocal harmony and great stage performance this band's album is sure to be in the ears of many indie music lovers this year.
Today I read an e-mail which contained the latest remixes that have been made out of "Gorilla Minor" and for the first time in several years I quite disagree in remixing any tracks of the album. As you all can tell by my repertoire in the blog, remixes are a must if they enhance the experience in the song; however in the case of Gorilla Minor I believe the remixes quite hinder the idea that the artists intended for the song. A great example of this, can be witness in the track " Wide Eyes"; although Teen Dazed's remix isn't bad at all, it does nothing to enhance the song experience by adding dance components or bringing something new to the song.
The remix that was like someone was stabbing my ears with a sharp knife was surprisingly the Fools Gold remix, featuring Aristotle Pop a Bottle (The most ridiculous artist name I've ever heard in my entire life). I understand that Dub is really big this days, but if the song does not support it, it isn't going to make it better if you jam it down its throat (and down ours for that matter). And maybe the remix isn't as bad but the way Aristotle shits over the song its simply unforgivable.

Local Natives - Wide Eyes
Local Natives - Wide Eyes(Teen Daze Remix)
Local Natives - Wide Eyes (Fools Gold Ft. Aristotle Pop a Bottle Remix)

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MC said...

the album title of Local Natives is "Gorilla Manor"