Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crystal Fighters "In the Summer Time" Streetlight DeeJays Remix

Spanish band Crystal Fighters will be releasing their album in September and as every good band they are A) Touring and B) Getting some of their tracks remixed. Today I received the remix done by none other than London's Streetlife DeeJays. Now, apparently the remix was first released on the RCRD LBL news letter; however since I stop reading those news letters ever since I got a massive amount of take down notifications, this is all news to me. The remix is a glorious cosmic disco of dance which suits the song perfectly since Crystal Fighters music tends to be a bit into a tribal metaphysical sound.


Harold said...

Good stuff! I'm really enjoying the track. Discovered it through Shuffler.

Anonymous said...

here through shuffler as well. Track rocks!

Mikey said...

this is good!!!!!!!