Friday, October 08, 2010


On December 7 Memoriehouse will be releasing their 7" single titled "Caregiver" which is an expansion of the ideas first presented in their other EP. "The Years". If you haven't read anything of Memoryhouse I will be also adding a link to my January post here. Today they sent me two hair raising songs to share with you, the first one is a B-side of their single "Lately" called: "Bonfire, and the other is a cover from Grizzly Bear's song "Foreground". Memoryhouse has tranquil quality on their music Denise's voice simply floats effortlessly on top of the multilayer instruments played by played by Evan, is no wonder they've been causing so much commotion in the Internet.

Memoryhouse - Bonfire
Memoryhouse - Foreground

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