Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wolfram Featuring Hercules and Love Affair

It is funny to me that yesterday as I was standing in a club full of people dancing to Dubstep, me and a friend where wondering weather there where still any good dance music out there. Today my prayers got answer with the RCRD LBL release of Wolfram's track "Fireworks" featuring Hercules and Love Affair, the track is a dance floor majesty, for those of us who are sick of douchy electronic/dub music. This track not only brings hope to the masses, it also paints the path for Wolfram's album, to be released April 19th; the track listings should give anyone who enjoys good dance music a spastic jolt of energy.
Wolfram - Thing Called Love Featuring Haddaway (Legowelt Remix)
Track listing WOLFRAM’s full-length debut WOLFRAM:
01. Hold My Breath feat. HOLY GHOST!
02. Fireworks feat. HERCULES & LOVE AFFAIR
03. Out Of Control feat. PAUL PARKER
04. Roshi (loopable)
05. Thing Called Love feat. HADDAWAY
06. Teamgeist feat PATRICK PULSINGER
07. Norway feat. SEBASTIAN MURAVCHIK (loopable)
08. So Fine All The Time feat LEGOWELT
09. All For You feat. DIDI BRUCKMAYER
10. Hold My Breath (SALLY SHAPIRO version)
11. Pianopella + Breathless (hidden cd tracks)

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