Monday, March 21, 2011

SXSW day one

Technically me and Penny have enjoyed of the festivities since Wednesday (Penny since Monday), but aside from Wolf Gang show, which I talked about in my last post, the only two shows I could talk about are, White Denim and Eisley, both of which I could not really get any pictures due to the amount of people attending.

Thursday arrived and with it I have heard that Batwings Catwings  was playing Cherrywood cafe where a good breakfast was served, so Penny and I packed up our bikes and headed to Cherrywood for a hearty breakfast and a great show. The band had just arrived from California, so I was delighted to see they where all energy and smiles, I don't believe the people around us knew exactly who this band where, but as always once a good band starts playing the crowds follow.

Batwings Catwings - Endless Summer

After the show Penny and I headed down the MTV Garage party. I've always wanted to see  Friendly Fires live, due to the staggering amount of Youtube videos of their live performance, after a few turns and a minute to realize that just because Penny lives in Austin, does not mean she knows Austin, we arrived at the show.  Friendly Fires show was full of energy; infact I could not believe how much energy some guys from England have under the Texas heat, Ed Macfarlane was literally melting on stage, yet he pushed on dancing like a chicken noodle.
Friendly Fires - Skeleton Boy (Air France Remix)

After a few filler bands in the attempts from MTV to stay up to date with the Indie community, it was time for Matt and Kim to take the stage. I've never been a fan of Matt and Kim, not that I think their music is bad per say, its just not my cup of tea; what i can truly say is that this duo can put out a show, Kim is a ball of fire and Matt is friendly and fun to watch, in fact the crowd was so into them I was truly afraid the parking lot was going to cave in from so many people jumping.
Matt and Kim - Day Light

The pinnacle of the whole day happened when I got to see one of my ultimate favorite bands Pacific!. The guitar playing, the intricate music, how they they can turn a fairly melancholic tune into a disco dance anthem where one of the many things that made this performance splendid. Penny had never heard of them, but she quickly agreed that this had been the best band of the night.
Pacific! - Unspoken (Anoraak Remix)
 After a few bands that I rather not to mention, we eagerly awaited for the guys of  Miami Horror to play the show, unfortunately the bands before got the best of us, so me and Penny where really in a bad mood; however listening to their tunes and with a little help of Mr. Red Bull and the power of dance the night got a second wind.

Miami Horror - Look Tou You

My biggest disappointment of the night came after the last concert of the night came. There was a general consensuses that She Wants Revenge was going to be a great show and in all fairness I only own their first CD so, I don't really have much to go with, but lets just say after a few songs, Penny and I left there tired and disappointed. 

She Wants Revenge - Take the World.

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