Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SXSW Day Three

On the third day me and Penny where putting our bikes together when some amazing music coming out of the streets caught our attention, which completely renders to rubbish when NPR said that you could no longer listen to new music in the festival, but only reinforces weather the bands you like where good live.
At that time the band playing was a New York indie electronic band called Happy New Year, I think is was meant to be sarcastic cause the music was dark and with tons of echos, but the show was amazing, plus the free beer and hot dog made everything even better.

After a bit shopping therapy we headed to see Men Men show at the Auditorium shores, but by the time we biked there they were playing their last song and we weren't allowed to photograph anymore; locally Penny had lost her ID at the Cedar Street Courtyard, so we headed that way to check if they had found it. Much to our surprise Little Dragon a band that we had been talking about earlier that day was playing and made our trip all worth it. Throughout the show Yukimi Nagano danced and felt the music immersing her self and the  the audience into the show.

Little Dragon - Staupp

Early in the morning we had ran into a band named Skampida from Colombia, who had invited us to a Latin showcase Barbarella; at first due to the quality of Wi-Fi services in Austin I could not really listen to their music, until the show it dawn on me Ska, now I don't know about you but I haven't been a fan of ska since the 90s, but I was willing to give it a chance, for the sake of the festival. At the end of the night the band had all of the people of the audience jumping and dancing around in place and I must admit I might not be listening to ska any time soon, but I sure will think twice before not giving something a chance.

Skampida - La Manifestacion

After the night set we headed down to put our bikes out and see if any music coming from the streets called our attention, we saw a new club called Volstead Lounge, which looked like it could be the place to end the night, there we saw a band who I thought looked familiar, after a few songs I quickly realized it was non other than White Denim, the show was spectacular, I've seen white denim in a bigger venue before, but never in such a personal setting, Penny quickly decided that Volstead Lounge was going to become her new hangout spot in Austin.

White Denim - Anvil Everything

We proceeded to stay over for one more show as more friends from Dallas started to join us and lets be honest the music was only getting better and better, also Penny refused to go to see the Seedy Seeds so I made her pay for all the drinks. Following White Denim, came Voxhaul Broadcast a band whit such peculiar sound and such presence, it made it impossible not to bop around with their music.

Voxhaul Broadcast - Leaving On The 5th

All of the sudden I realize that  Bravery was playing at Stubbs's BBQ, so Penny and I quickly headed that way to see our last sow of the 2011 SXSW, in our way there I ran into Max McElligott of Wolf Gang who was going into Beauty Bar and since it was the last moments of the festival I decided to ask to take a picture with him of which he graciously obliged.

After my moment of victory, we arrived at Stubb's just in time to get on the line for press area photograph. The show was breath taking, the lights and arrangement was simply top of the line, they where high energy and played a collection of all of their top hits.

The Bravery - Slow Poison

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