Monday, March 21, 2011

SXSW Day Two

Second day arrived under the Texas heat and I must come clean my dear reader, I've failed you. It is always my believe that during SXSW the best thing you can do is walk the streets and if something calls you attention you should stop and listen. This was the case on Friday as I was passing by Cheer Up Charlies, I was lured by the sound of organ music mixed with the chorus of two beautiful mermaids, so I stopped by and had a listen, It was this band from Norway, who I think they said their name was T&G, and even though I asked the sound guy to confirm their name I still have not been able to find the true identity of the band. 

After, we headed to the Fader Fort for the first time since my arrival. This year's lineup didn't really enticed me, but this Friday had Ellie Goulding in the lineup and I was not about to miss it. The first performance I got to see was Brooklyn band Caveman who was so refreshing to listen to them, as it was one of the few Indie rock bands I actually got to see this year.
Caveman - December 28th

Yes I know I've already written about them loads of times before, but I had the chance and I took it, plus I'm sure that soon enough they are going to be mainstream so I'm thinking, better enjoy them while we can.

 After Wolf Gang's magnificent performance came the turn for another Brit band to take the stage. Brother is one of the bands that has been getting a lot of love from the UK blogs and mags, so I was really curious to see if the hype matched the band. The lead singer although terribly hot  under his sweater, put out an incredible show, although I could not keep my eye off the back up singer.
Brother - Darling Buds of May

 Continuing the great lineup came in my opinion le piece de resistance, the beautiful Ellie Goulding. Although admittedly hot by an unusual (for the time of the year) hot weather, she went on to put out a mesmerizing show, in fact whenever she apologized for her make up melting due to the heat, a fellow viewer, said " No need to apologize you look beautiful" and I had to agree.

Ellie Goulding - YourSong

I'm a silent fan of French Horn Rebellion, not in a stalker kind of way; although I did eavesdropped in a conversation they where having in Beauty Bar the night before. To my surprise in this show French Horn Rebellion stopped being a duo and became a full on band with drums and a cute little girl, this only made their concert even more incredible.

French Horn Rebellion - This Moment

To finish up the night we decided to stop by the Filter Magazine Party to check out Black Angels, the show was packed to the core and the aroma of weed was emitting from the audience; however although not a weed smoker, the aroma help the whole mood to set in this 70's inspired music, allowing me and penny to relax and listen to some good ol' rock and roll...of course that could have also been the second hand smoke.

Black angels  - Doves

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