Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Wolf Gang "Dancing with the Devil" (Shoes Remix)

I know of other remixes swarming around the net of Wolf Gang's track Dancing With the Devil, but nothing has really hit the blogersphere, that is until today. The Shoes released a remix of the track featuring Cocknbullkid who has an amazing voice and Mz Brat which is a bad ass MC. The whole remix is completely different from the original song, but is something you would expect when you unite this amount of talent; do yourself a favor and go to the links I posted of the artist here, you'll open a Pandora's box of talent and good music.
PS: If you are going to SXSW Wolf Gang will be playing on March 16th at 10pm, at Latitude 30.
For more shows check out the page they've created for bands I've blogged about here:

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