Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Agnes Obel "Riverside" Lulu Rouge Remix

One of the many things I've regretted through out this year is not being able to make it on time to the Agnes Obel concert; although I can't claim to be on of her biggest fan, although I must admit that I became mesmerized the first time I heard her music.
Today I received a remix of a track I had posted long ago, but could never get my hands on, and though it might be a bit scary to accept the idea of an already beautiful song being remixed, we must keep our minds open to the possibility of it becoming a brand new song all in its self. This is the case of the remix made by Lulu Rouge, by adding re-touches here and there the song didn't change much but moved to a new angle.

Agnes Obel - Riverside
Agnes Obel - Riverside (Lulu Rouge Remix)

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