Friday, April 08, 2011

Cash Avenue Compilation Serries

Cash Avenue puts out a monthly compilation series of different artist around, this eclectic compilation has called my attention before but due to time constraints I've passed the chance to share it with you. This April Cash Avenue shares their 9th volume in the series called "Day Squatters", with some amazing new artist with incredible tracks that will expand your knowledge in Indie Music. 

Vitamins - No Notion of Anything Only Whatever is What
On to the tracks...

Vitamins - Denver - Crash Avenue best new music, record is sick!
All Fits - Spain - The guitar version of sitting under a Saturn V
Brontosaurus - Chicago - what happens when prog metal guys make indie rock? Found out!
Zambri - New York putting the dance in Gang Gang Dance
The Stargazer Lilys - New York - Soundpool members keepin' it cavernous
Manorlady - Charlottesville, VA - soundwall
Mood Rings - Atlanta - golden hits for impending warm weather
Banned Books - New Brunswick, NJ - the irony of Fahrenheit 451 laid onto tape
Grubby Little Hands - Philadelphia - why they gotta make fun of my appendages?
Optimus Park - Pensacola, FL - if the town were in the north, would it be Pensapop? Okay that joke was lame.

Cash Avenue Daysquatter Download 

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