Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Honest Engines

From the city of Chicago comes the Honest Engines. First off, let me just express how much I like the name of the band, I think they might have taken the name of my band, that is if I ever where to be in one; second off, I really enjoy the fact of going back to basics in order to find your true sound.

The Honest Engines are getting ready to release their new Ep "The French Song" on May the 3rd, and unlike in their previews Ep "Captains Log" they've chosen to do most of this EP with the raw sounds of live performance, this helped the band to find cohesiveness and a more a defined sound. The 3 track Ep showcase the strong magnetic sounds of the band, starting with a the first track The French Song, an upbeat ballad with Smithish dark guitars, then followed by a darker, melancholic sound of their track El Jardin, and finished by a very pop track called, Sunny Setting Sun. 

Honest Engines - French Song

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