Friday, April 08, 2011

LehtMoJoe "Get It On the Floor"

LehtMoJoe is getting ready to release his second solo album Aisle 7 and i was lucky enough to be one of the blogs who was sent this new work.

On his 09 album Spaghetti Western LehtMoJoe played around the then so popular sound of heavy drums and bass intermixed with hip hop. On his new album Aisle 7 LehtMoJoe, shows a bigger range in musical skills by playing with groovier disco sounds, and dance beats, while still intermixing some hip hop like in the track Touch The Sky. LehtMoJoe tackles a bit of  indie pop in his track Overdue a fast paced track which allows the listener to change a bit the pace in order to prepare them to the last track All We Need To Do Today, which is about as close to a closing ballad as it gets.

Overall the album is something that I think will be a hit with the with all the masses, it really showcases the talent LehtMoJoe has normally showcased in his amazing Remixes and Mashups, I guess my only complaint would be the amount of Auto Tuner utilized in the album, that is not only a complaint for this album, but albums all around I think it subtracts substance to an album.

LehtMoJoe - Get It On The Floor by lehtmojoe
LehtMoJoe - Touch The Sky (Sedrick Stylez, Xavier Marquis) by lehtmojoe

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Selorm said...

This is a very cool beat. I like the rapping too. Good track.