Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Buffetlibre "Songs For Elaine"

It is no surprise that I am running late on checking my mail, hence the fact that I'm blogging about this five days later.
Buffetlibre has always been one of my favorite producers out there, but lately they've gone quiet to create their fist album "Songs For Elaine" which will be released some time next year, it is said it features vocals by people like Micah P Hinson, Peter Von Poehl, Spinto Band, Plushgun, to name but a few and is being produced by Sidechains, so is bound to be good. To promote their upcoming album, the guys from Buffetibre have sent over two tracks called, "Far From Heaven" and " Bali Honeymoon", my favorite hands down is Bali Honeymoon, because it has the greatest dance beats.

Buffetlibre - Far From Heaven
Buffetlibre- Bali Honeymoon

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