Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Housse De Racket "Roman" Robotaki Remix

I could make a brand new post about how great Housse De Racket is, but I think by now this already became apparent; in today's post I would like to focus on the producer remixing the track.
Today I received a brand new remix of Housse De Racket's track "Roman", by Canadian producer Robotaki; this remix brings a new life to an already amazing track. To say that I'm very versed in Robotaki's work would be a certain lie, but I can tell you after I did a little (light) research, I came to the conclusion that this kid has talent I've decided to add a few tracks of his amazing repertoire in order to showcase his amazing talent, including my favorite remix, Chilli Gonzales' track "You Can Dance"  

Housse De Racket - Roman (Robotaki Remix)
Ryuichi Sakamoto- Mill Theme (Robotaki Remix)

Chilly Gonzales - You Can Dance (Robotaki Remix) by Robotaki

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