Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Cast of Cheers "Family (Royal Scams Remix)"

There is this really annoying tune that keeps popping up on my inbox, I've tried to contain it, but they keep making new remixes of it and I keep forgetting what is the name of the band. Like a Payola that tune is now stuck in my head, so I might as well write about it. The Cast of Cheers' track "Family" (out February 20th) has be remixed by loads of artist out there including my old time favorite Jape. Today I received an e-mail with a brand new remix by the Royal Scams, which makes this tune a bit more enjoyable and since we are in the subject, I'm including Jape's version also.

The Cast of Cheers - Family (Royal Scams Remix)
The Cast of Cheers - The Cast of Cheers Family (JAPE Remix)

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