Thursday, March 15, 2012

SXSW Day 1

SXSW is the yearly music conference I try not to miss every year. The curious side of this conference is that, you can go around the street find a house party with some amazing music. This year (so far) the conference sees to be a bit different, a lacking a strong presence, that being said, it is till a very fun week to spend.

I have been in Austin since Sunday and trust me all of the local's start talking ill of all of the out of towners the week before (funny many are imports from other state, so...not much room to talk), but the movie conference is not quite over, so there isn't much to do.

On Tuesday I woke up early to start the regular badge picking. All concerts and activities don't start later that day, so Penny and I head to the Pandora Discover new music event. We didn't discover anything new, but we still have fun listening to the tunes of DDale Earnhard Jr. Jr.  Dj set while we gamble some free chips.

Right after we headed down to the Hype Hotel to enjoy the tunes of Overhofer, which Penny swears we didn't see, but you see Penny has recently become a smoker and well...smokers miss all the fun. Plus I have pictures to prove it. 

Oberhofer- o0O0o0O0o

Right after we headed over to Beauty Bar, hoping to luck out into a good bar, and lucked out we did, as soon as I walk in I heard a familiar song by non other than Florida band Sleepy Vikings, who dazzle me down with their amazing stage presence and beautiful lead singer.

Sleepy Vikings - Flashlight Tag

After the delightful performance by the Sleepy Vikings I begged Penny to go with me to a shady club on 7th streets (of witch I was supposed to never talk about it again), to watch the live performance of Cincinnati band The Seedy Seeds. She personally hated it, but I sincerely love them, they where having so much fun and they truly knew how to engage the crowd.

Seedy Seeds - Coyote Song

To end the night, we headed back to the Hype Hotel for some drinks and to see where the night took us. We enjoy the sounds of the sounds of San Diego's (Whales Vagina) band Little Huracane, what can I say abut this band but, they where average, not spectacular, but okay; I certainly would not discourage anyone from listening to them.

Little Hurricane - Crocodile Tears

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