Monday, March 19, 2012

SXSW Day 2

Wednesday started with what it look to be a great day, I walked into Shangri-la to listen to the amazing show put by California band Black Flamingo, the band completely won my heart over their choruses and amazing harmonies.

After an amazing show we headed down to the Hype Hotel, because I needed to confirm my gut feeling about the Scottish band Twilight Sad; you see I get inundated with music and there are a few bands that I always have a bit of doubt in regards of skipping them all together. Twilight Sad looks good on Paper but there is something that is not right in my ears, therefore I have not blogged about them. During South By it all became clear, I got the all Shoe Gaze idea, but I believe that you still have to try to engage your audience and they didn't.

Twilight Sad - Walking For Two Hours

After my eureka moment I headed down to stage 6 to go and see Caveman, but I was pleasantly surprised when I listen to Denver band Tennis they truly capture my attention with their catchy poppy tunes, they also had a very joyful disposition, in fact this band put me back in a SXSW mood again.

Tennis - Seafarer

A big problem this SXSW was not only the lack of big headliners, but also the amount of "up to capacity" shows, even with a press badge, I would spend hours trying to go into events only to miss the band all together (Yacht), the good thing was that this year The Hype Machine had a pretty amazing lineup and treated their bloggers quite nicely. Pond is one of those band that I've posted but second guessed my self after, because sometimes the buzz is bigger than the artist and once again I was proven right.

Pond - Fantastic Explosion Of Time

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