Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SXSW day 3

One of the biggest highlights of this year's SXSW was the performance by San Francisco band Deerhoof, I know this guys have loads of years under their belt, but their show was not fun but it really capture the audience, it showed on their face, how much they enjoy their music and doing what they do.

Deerhoof- Offend Maggie

After Penny got sick from eating too much Taco Bell, I headed down to Zona Rosa to watch Crystal Fighters, since I don't listen to the radio I had not realize they where so popular, if I could hardly snap a shot to Deerhoof, Crystal Fighters where twice as difficult, but just as fun to watch. This a re a group of kids, who you could tell because of inexperience they really wanted to give it all in the stage, which made me as part of the audience enjoy it more.

Crystal Fighters - Plage

The day wasn't quite over yet, I was really excited to go and see The Futurebirds at the Hype Hotel, but before they played I got to listen to a band that I'm still not really well familiar, The Orwells. The band played well to what I can only assume a out of tune, out of time instruments, thank god for Tito Vodka otherwise I would have been in a terrible mood.

The Orwells - All The Cool Kids

But it wasn't all a loss as after them came Athens, Georgia band, The Futurebirds to save the day. I know this kind of band do not have the same effect in many people, but somehow i always feel attracted to their sound and lyrics, which is odd since I'm more of a beats guy.

The Futurebirds - Near Sayer five

I wish I could say they night continue to go on a high, but after, I failed to go in to certain concerts, due to the venue being up to capacity and although I was able to join my old friends of Neon Indian on their special showcase at Barbarella (sponsored by MOOG) I wasn't able to see them because it got so crowded I got left so far back and so out of view, it was dumb to stay.
The whole night wasn't a loss though. I got a pretty decent buzz and got to discover the amazing music of Silent Diane, their sound is very Chillwave electronic with some sparkling sounds of disco, just what the doctor had recommended.

Silent Diane - Capella

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