Friday, June 22, 2012

Wolf Gang In Dallas

Yesterday London band Wolf Gang graced Dallas with their presence at the legendary Elbow Room (Former Gypsy Tea Room). It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who reads the blog to know that I've been a huge fan of band since the begining, everytime I get to meet them or see them live, I have to remain still in order not to shreek like a girl.
 I decided to educate some fiends about the wonders of Wolf Gang, and though the line up was not coherent to what the main headliners where, I belive it created a very intresting group of people, that other wise would not have been found in the same room. The band hadn't preformed in a few months so there where some technical difficulties (guitar tuning, straps, etc), but I think everything was null and void because of the energy and glee they seemed to radiate while they where preforming. Lead singer  Max McElligott graced us with an acoustic version of their new un-named track which gave me chills down my spine. The band is currently touring with Coldplay so if they happen to grace your city make sure to check them out, even if it is Coldplay the headliner.

Wolf Gang - Pieces of You (Baby Monster Remix)

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Anonymous said...

I was at that show and it was amazing! Can't even say anything bad about their technical difficulties because the quality of a live performance more than made up for it!