Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Magichour "My Kind"

Los Angeles Magichour is non-other than Colin Yack (Walter Meego's producer), he's been producing amazing music, but now under this new moniker, he is producing some real outstanding original work. His first single is called, " My Kind", which will be released under the full length album "Remember harder", in August. The sound is relax (not lazy) synthesizers with some amazing beats, definitely will make you  wanna listen for more.

Magichour - My Kind

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Popville said...

Awesome, thanks! Listening to the entire album now on Bandcamp [http://magichour.bandcamp.com/]. Fun stuff.

I needed an antidote to the poison poured into my ears on this morning commute, wasting 30 minutes (opting out of the most abjectly painful tunes) on the terrible, horrible Pet Shop Boys new one Elysium. Listen at your own peril! One song title (forget lyrics, they've abandoned even lifting a limp wrist to put any effort into writing) called Your Early Stuff sums up the album completely. Sad but true.


- popville in the usa