Thursday, September 13, 2012

Body Language " Lose My Head"

Oh what a pleasant surprise it was, to come home after a very extremely exhausting week to find on of the greatest emails. Brooklyn band Body Language, a favorite of yours truly, has been quiet for a while (in my opinion); well, silence no more, as they will be releasing their latest EP. "Gramma" on September 18th.

I became a huge fan of Body Language during this past SXSW; don't get me wrong I was already a big fan of their music, but everything synced in when I saw their electrifying live show, their music is well crafted and sexy. Today I received the track " Lose My Head, from their upcoming EP. which I have every intention to getting when it's released. They are currently touring with Hood Internet which well I have no opinion on them, but I might just swallow my pride and go and see them, just to experience Body Language one more time.

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