Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lavender Diamond 'Incorruptible Heart'

So it's fair to say it has been a slow week musically, but I believe next week should be better, starting with the long awaited release of  Lavender Diamond's album "Incorruptible Heart". A few days back I received the whole album for preview and I've been giving it a spin, and quickly falling in love.

The twelve track album starts with the emotive " Everybody's Heart's Breaking Now", which was the track to win my heart in the first post. This album is a perfect soundtrack to watch Fall pass by, the simplicity of the musical arrangement and the slow supple tempo, allows for Rebbecca Stark's voice to rise and fall like cool breeze. There are tracks which pick up the pace a bit like in the song, " I Don't Recall" in which a lover laments the loss of a love one, making her forget the good times in the world. And at times taking a hard stand like in the track "Teach Me How To Waken". Above all the alum celebrates, laments, and longs for love, which is the central theme all around it.

Lavender Diamond - Everybody's Heart's Breaking Now

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