Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Plume Giant "We Got it Made" (Video)

Today was the premier of Plume Giant's video for their track "We Got it Made", but it would be foolish of me to first, pretend I knew anything about them before today, and second,  to ignore the utopia that is created when real musicians get together. But first let's talk about the video, I know that I use this word today already, but lately ever since the fall started, the magic and whimsicalness in artist has flourished, and this video is full of it, plus it reminds me of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine.
At first I was worried that this was going to be one of those bands that rely on humor and whimsy to attract listeners, but then I started to listen to their music, and oh my lord I was hooked. Their lyrics are so clear and deep that make you want to slow time and take the world in. Although they all are multi-talented, the precision and beauty they create with their instruments is second only by their harmonies...well in order not to ramble lets just say I liked them very much. 

 Plume Giant - Birthday


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