Monday, November 26, 2012

Seafire " How Do You Sleep "

It might be a coincidence or the universe telling me to write a post, but today after checking my email I notice I had two from UK band Seafire. The first one was from their PR announcing the release of their EP "We Will Wake", to be released on December 3rd, and the second one from Mighty Mouse with a Remix of Seafire's track How Do You Sleep.

I got to listen to the upcoming EP, and I felt such excitement while listening to the opening track " We Will Wake"; it's smooth like cool breeze, but intense specially in the chorus. It is easy to see why this guys have been receiving such good attention on the UK airwaves, as well as Hype Machine. The track that really captivated me was Human Sacrifice, it's intense and moody; it feels like what good Dubstep would sound if any of those d-bags knew how to make good music. 

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