Monday, December 10, 2012

Trails and Ways "Border Crosser (Seshen Remix)"

The first remix of Trails and Ways' upcoming Remix EP.  for their track, "Border Crosser" was made available today. It is my understanding that they asked a few Bay Area producers to work on a remix, but they ended up receiving some unrequested good remixes; the truth is that this attest the amazing quality of music this band creates, after this next years SXSW I can see them blowing up into stardom, so enjoy them while the masses get them. The remix is brought to you by Seshen, and it adds a little bit more magic into a already spiritual track. You can download the track by liking them on their Facebook, which should not be that hard to do, the actual EP. will be released January 8th, and their full album Triangular will be out sometime next year.
Trails and Ways  - Border Crosser (Seashen Remix)

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