Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yellow Red Sparks

A few days back, Walter posted about California band Yellow Red Sparks track " Monsters With Misdemeanors". A few day back we also received the self-titled album set to release on January 29th .
As mentioned in the previous post, Joshua Hanson's voice is made to sing Indie-folk music, locally he is also aid by simple yet beautiful lyrics and great harmonies; this is made evident on the track "Happiness Comes In A Box", where Hanson's piercing voice waltzes in the melodic lyrics of a two lover's promises for the future that never come to fruition, and the pain that engulfs them. The truth is that the album triumph comes from its melancholy, and Hanson shines in melancholy; like in the case of, "To Love and Loath" where you can hear the anger coming from the core his being. The album is not always in a somber note, as is in the case of "Monster With Misdemeanors". In all sincerity I'm in love with how honest and raw this album feels, but in order to be enjoyed , the listener must allow him/her-self to in to such state, only then album can be truly appreciated.

Yellow Red Sparks - Yellow Red Sparks

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