Thursday, March 14, 2013

SXSW Day 1

The South by Southwest music conference has started, and although the celebration started last night I've decided not to overdue it this year in order to complete the week in one piece. The celebration started by learning what the meaning of the term Twerk meant, and the puzzling idea of how to disconnect your butt-chicks from your body.

During my only show on Tuesday, I was able to see the amazing Arizona band Swimming during my night visit to Cheer Up Charlie's. With heavy Drums and some amazing guitar chord hooks, I was taken back by the superb professional sound this young band has, lead singer Brian Kupillas, might look like a bro, but sounds like a rock star.

This morning, after the regular accreditation mumbo jumbo, I headed to the Blah Blah Blah Science party at Maggie Mae's rooftop; my intentions where to watch No Ceremony and Trails and Ways, however due to me not knowing where the second stage was I missed No Ceremony, but all was not lost, I was able to enjoy some good shows, including my favorite Trails and Ways.

First on the Showcase was Australian band Gold Fields who for a moment I thought they might pass out, due to the intensity on which they play and sang; with two drummers, the band's sound is incredibly intense the crowd was completely in awe.

Gold Fields - Dark Again

After realizing there was an inside stage and that I had missed No Ceremony, I proceeded to watch New York band Skaters, which has an incredible loyal following and a very mature sound, I was personally not blown away from their performance, but talking with others the crowd seemed to be contempt.  

Skaters - I Wanna Dance (But I Don't Know How)

On the outside stage the poor guys from LA band Wildcat! Wildcat! where putting on a brave face after the technical difficulties the venue seemed to be having all around, surprisingly they managed to put out a great show after a 15 minute delay. This is probably one of the bands I would like to see again on a different setting.
Wildcat! Wildcat!- Please and Thank You

After listening to Wildcat! Wildcat! I headed inside to listen to the main reason for going to the showcase Trails and Ways. As we all know Trails and Ways have been my favorite new band this past year, but even at this early stages of the band, they are grouping up a big following, the best part is how charismatic they all are on stage, even their drummer Ian Quirk all the way in the back of the stage was engaging the audience, and keeping the energy up. Although the show ran with a hot mic and other technical difficulties, the band was in good spirits and at the end of the show band member Keith Brower encourage people to meet and greet them at the end of the show, which I absolutely loved.

What I still love of this music conference is how you can still walk in and out of any venue of even a parking lot and see great music. Even locals tend to go around and listen to different free shows around the city.

On my way back to the car I stop by Cheerp's or Cheer Up Charlie's to grab some grub at the street cars and watch some non-official SXSW showcase. To my surprise I walked in to listen to the end of the set from California band Poolside. The band although chill to listen they still captured a big crowd during their performance, because of the superb quality of the music, even I who had been crossing the city on my bike exhausted could appreciate it all.

Poolside - Can't Get You Off My Mind  

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