Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SXSW Day 4

I woke up early in the morning despite the tremendous hangover I had from the previous day, to watch Canadian Peter Peter  on the showcase for M for Montreal. The good thing is that everyone there also looked hangover, but not to worry Peter Peter is on their way to make it all better. Surprisingly this is one of my favorite shows during SXSW, the sound was amazing and Peter Peter played with so much energy that the whole audience gathered round close to the stage.

Peter Peter - Tout Prend Son Sens Dans Le Miroir 

After the show I quickly hurried to the Hype Hotel to watch the show by New York band Hearts, and as you can tell from the video below they delivered, I was really excited because half of the people didn't know who they where, but once they heard them play they all gather round.

Watch the full video at

Waiting for Toro y Moi I got to listen to a really good band in the Hype Hotel. Fidlar it's an LA punk  band that really got the juices flowing on the crowd. I was escaping some uncomfortable situation, when I headed to the front of the stage to check out the band and alas, it was such energy of which there should not have been any on the last day of SXSW.

Fidlar -  Cheap Beer

Then came the headliner of the afternoon. To be quite honest with you I've only heard of Toro Y Moi though an old friend, but honestly I'm usually so overloaded with emails that unless it doesn't hit my inbox I don't know it exist. This SXSW was a bit weird in the case that no new bands where headlining, it was mainly the return of the oldies, so although I wasn't supper excited about this band I was curious to hear them, and I must say I could see where they hype comes from.

As if I wasn't tired enough driven by cotton candy and alcohol I headed to the Fader Fort whose shows this year left a lot to be desired to listen to another comeback band Delorean. Now Deloran used to be really big back in the 08's, but all of the sudden fell out of the face of the earth, then came SXSW 2013 and they are headliners I say good for them.

Delorean - Real Love

Aside form Cheer Up Charlies fiasco to deliver Bonde Do Role that was it for my SXSW 2013 recap, I hope you enjoyed it, and let's hope I'm still alive by 2014.

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