Monday, April 22, 2013

Le Couleur " Vacances de 87" Featuring French Horn Rebbelion

Lately Canada has been enticing my senses more and more; not only Peter Peter is one of my favorite artist as of late, but I've been consistently watching HGTV,  but I digress. Today Canada showed me why you should never underestimate the polite ones.

Le Couleur  it's a Canadian band that are getting ready to release their EP. "Voyage Love", and they've honored me by letting me preview it before the release in April 30th. The 5 track French speaking EP. starts with a very intense electronic track called " Voyage Amoureux",a track that will linger in you head for a while, as it's main chorus is very catchy. I have to say my personal favorite track is a transition track called "Petite Piano Electrique", because is quirky and unlike anything that has been done lately. The EP is put together with a super track, in which the band partners with my all time favorite Brooklynites, French Horn Rebellion, and is the track that made salivate the hardest. Overall this is one of my favorite EPs I've received this year...Superb!!



Faux Effet said...

I like it. Great track

Michael L. said...

Love it!

Tom said...

Pas mal ce titre. En 87 j'avais 14 ans, ça me rajeunit pas tout ça
Tom à l'ile de Ré