Monday, July 15, 2013

Sterling Silver " End Up Like This (Tyler Touche Remix) "

For the most part, remixes have been going in a slow decline since mainstream music have slowly overtaken indie and electronic music. A remix used to enhance a song and create an everlasting memory at the club, but as of late they've just become noise and senseless bass; this helped of course by the artist who decided to sell their soul for money and producers that though had talent.
Enough with the sermon; I'm very excited to finally receive a remix I can feel confident it enhances the original song, without destroying what the artist worked hard to put together; I am talking of course of Tyler Touche remix of Sterling Silver's track "End Up Like This". The remix infuses the already amazing track by Sterling Silver with a electronic nu disco sound, allowing the chorus of the original song create a whole different song...I'm going to say it, it reminds me of what Alan Palomo used to produce.

Sterling Silver - End Up Like This (Tyler Touche Remix)

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