Friday, September 27, 2013

Agnes Obel "Aventine"

Agnes Obel  sophomore release Aventine, will be released next week on Tuesday 31st. On her last album Philharmonic, Obel relied on string and other organic instruments to take the listener on a journey to the wilderness. Aventine, starts with a delicate piano piece called, Chord Left, which like in Philharmonic’s track Falling, Catching, sets the tone of the journey ahead. Aventine less organic and more classical, but never looses the whimsical touch Obel puts one every piece. Aventine strikes a darker tone, but somehow Agnes Oble’s warm voice calms the listener’s senses. My favorite track has to be Through the Fire as it deals with a difficult love going through the fire to make a decision. The track that carries the album is called, The Curse, and after reading what Obel said about the creation of the track (“The Curse is one of the songs where I think I got closest to the initial idea I had when I started making the album,” says Agnes. “It’s very different from what I've done before but, at the same time, very much related to it.” ) The album starts unwinding and showing even more of its beauty.

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