Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Waylayers "Medicine"

UK band Waylayers are getting ready to cross the pond to play at SXSW, however before they set off they've released a superb track called " Medicine". I was listening to this track early morning, and it raised the hair in the back of my neck; the subdued sexy bass, they synthesizers, the very well placed, very subtle tropical beats, oh and please don't forget the Sax solo...why did we ever stop having that, all in all, makes this track what I've been wanting to hear for months. This is one band I will not be missing next week in Austin.

T O U R   D A T E S 
11 Mar - SXSW Festival, Austin - Texas - UNITED STATES
11 Apr - Karrera Klub - Berlin - GERMANY
12 Apr - Ubel & Gefahrlich - Hamburg - GERMANY
15 Apr - Posten - Odense - DENMARK
16 Apr - Loppen - Copenhagen - DENMARK

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